PTSD Support Group

Our expert staff will provide assistance free of charge with preparation of the necessary documentation require by the Veteran's Administration to process Service-Connected disability claims for the Veterans Administration Compensation and Pension Benefits Department to approve, or disapprove, a disability claim.

VSG, in association with the United Way, will assist Veterans in securing housing.

In addition, VSG provides recommendations to Veterans seeking to secure a VA loan for purchasing a home.

Assistance with Service-Connected Claims


VSG Programs

VSG's staff also volunteers at the Stockbridge VA Clinic and will provide guidance to Veterans regarding medical coordination.  Staff members are also knowledgeable in the set-up and usage of MY HEALTHVET and can educate Veterans on how to use this program.

Assistance with Medical Coordination

VSG understands the need to provide support to our Veterans combating Post-
Traumatic Stress Disorders, PTSD.  Through our weekly support group meetings, our staff will support Veterans as they work through the experiences that caused PTSD on their road to recovery.

Assistance with Housing